Amazing day out

Loch Visions chartered the boat for a photography trip out to the Treshnish Isles. They were in for a few surprises!
As they left Oban at 0700 they cruised up the Sound of Mull and when entering they spotted two Sea Eagles, One of them was seen to be hunting. This really set the bar high until they entered the Doirlinn at Tobermory where they saw another Sea Eagle flying along the shore line. Once through the tight channel they came across four porpoise. To their amazement they played with the boat! Cameron put her into neutral and the porpoise came right up to the boat and darted under and up for at least 10 minutes. A very unusual characteristic for a porpoise.¬†After a wee pit stop in Tobermory Cameron took them onward but when rounding Ardmore Point they spotted five baking sharks! The largest which was over 20 foot came next the boat. To everyone’s surprise a basking shark breached 200 metres from the boat! They are not known to do this but there has been reports from other vessels witnessing this behavior.
The weather did close in but it did allow great light for the photographers to take pictures of the birdlife. Thousands and thousands of puffins where on the Island but the Razor Bills and Guillemots seem to have moved on now.
On the return trip it was a quick dash back to Oban but they did spot more basking sharks on the NW corner of Mull.

An incredible day on the water.