First Snow

Both boats where out again on Wednesday with Struan back up to Port Appin for a private charter and Cameron up to Tobermory. It was the first day of the winter that snow has been seen on Ben More on Mull.

Struan took his guests around Lismore stopping at the grey rocks to see a couple of Common seals and the Grey Seal that seems to be staying around the area. Crewman Bruce spotted an otter next to a fish farm cage which the guests then spotted too. The family really enjoyed seeing Lismore and the wildlife from the sea.

Cameron had a boat full up to Tobermory. On arrival the sea plane was tied up on the pontoons. Later on the plane was filmed low level flying over Tobermory. On the return trip Cameron cruised through the Dorlinn and when near Duart Castle he stopped to look at the porpoise. The porpoise came up to the boat. It was an amazing sight and very uncommon for the 6 porpoise to associate with a vessel. A great finish to the day.