International Family Day Out

Yesterday both boats were out on the water.  Struan headed for Port Appin to take a French family for a trip round Lismore. The first stop was to view Castle Stalker then headed over to the impressive Glensanda Quarry. The group managed to see a Sea Eagle soaring above the boat before heading to Duart Castle, where a beautiful classic yacht was anchored in the Bay. Struan then went to the Creags to view the Seals who were all sunbathing. After the family was safely ashore at Port Appin, Struan was straight to Oban to pick up another private charter. The Family brought their well behaved dogs along for the trip, who seemed to enjoy being on a boat for the first time. The group headed down the Kerrera Sound and into the Firth of Lorne and saw Gannets diving for fish. The route went past Duart Castle and up to the Creags were the Seals were still taking in the Sun. On the way back to Oban Struan took them past a Fish Farm to see how it works.
Meanwhile Cameron had an American family to Tobermory for the day, they also enjoyed the good weather.