Loch Leven & Coll

On Wednesday Struan and Bruce went to Isle of Eriska Hotel to pick up some guests, they headed up under Ballahculish Bridge and into Loch Leven to look at GlenCoe. The team headed for Loch A’ Choire for a picnic, where the weather was very good with plenty of sunshine and almost no wind. After lunch the boat headed round the South end of Lismore and to the Creags to see all the Seal pups playing in the water. The guests were disembarked at Eriska in time for Afternoon Tea.

On the way back to base Struan received a call from Coll where due to ferry disruptions some locals needed to get to the Mainland to get a flight for their holiday on Thursday morning. As the team headed for Coll they passed Cameron in Rannochmor in the Sound of Mull heading to Oban. The wind had picked up from the South East as the team arrived into Coll. The passengers were collected and Struan had to weave in between eight Basking sharks before getting into open water. Once in the Sound of Mull there was plenty of shelter which provided a comfortable journey back to Oban.