Whisky Tour

Cameron had another local business day out. The employees of Oban Whisky Distillery chartered the boat for a run up the coastline. They decided to visit a smaller and a lot younger distillery than Oban. The weather could not have been better, they landed at sunny Ardnamurchan Distillery. After an in depth tour they pushed round the most westerly point of the mainland UK to a white sand beach. Next landing was for a refreshment stop at Tobermory. Another wee tour (tasting) of the distillery then they wandered down the Sound of Mull to Oban. A day full of whisky and banter.


Island Bagging

Over the season the team have been chartered to bag islands. This usually means landing on a small island and then the guests climbing to the top of the island to tick it off. As you can imagine there are a vast amount of them on the West coast, with a few different categories. The weather conditions can cause issues but the boys managed to tick off most of the islands on the list. Robbie enjoyed landing on some remote islands he wouldn’t normally get to visit.


WHYW 2019

For the 19th Year the original Coastal Connection Redbay ‘Power of Scotland’ carried out her duties once again at West Highland Yachting Week. This time it was Robbie at the helm. The week wont be remembered for the massive winds, quite the opposite. There was at times not a puff of wind. Robbie was shooting about trying to monitor the wind and relay back to the race team. Usual transfers and safety tasks were all completed. Once the wind turned up there was some great racing.

image1 (1).jpeg

Basking Sharking

As the basking sharks arrive in the Hebrides, Cameron heads out to Coll to meet up with Shane and his shark squad. Over the past month they have had some incredible encounters. The weather has been real mixed and testing at times but that is the West coast life. The whole team had an epic day at Hyskeir Lighthouse with over 20 sharks about with glass calm seas. They have also spotted sunfish and a leather back turtle during their travels. Still a few weeks left in the season at Coll.

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The boys have been spending a few days out West. In the rougher and deeper water they have had some amazing encounters. One day Cameron came across a pod of rare Risso’s Dolphins. They are usually a bit quiet and just cruise on past. On this occasion they put on a wee performance, a few breaches and head lobbing for over 20 minutes. There were a few calves spotted too, great to see young ones coming through in such a rare species.

IMG_7093 (2).JPG

Ewe Need Help?

Last week eagle eyed Cam was heading from Loch Feochan to Oban for a wildlife trip. On the way he spotted a sheep on a rock munching some seaweed. The only issue was the tide was coming in fast and the rock would be completely covered soon. So he messaged Struan and Robbie to assist with the issuewe. The boys came round in the wee boat so they could land on the shore. Struan donned his velcro gloves and jumped onto the rock. He managed to pull the drenched animal from the sea and off it skipped. 


Where Eagles Dare

On many of the trips running from Oban this season, the guests have enjoyed spotting the white tailed sea eagles. These beautiful birds are the biggest in Europe, with an amazing 8 foot wing span. As soon as you see one pass over the boat or soar against the skyline-you instantly know it is an eagle! The boys never tire of spotting the eagles for the clients. Mull and the surrounding area is a real hot spot.