Breezy day out

On Friday, Coastal Connection headed over to the Isle of Eriska Hotel for a private charter. The intention was to go around Mull but with the sea state and strong NW winds it was a better option to stay closer to shore. They cruised up to Tobermory via Castle Stalker, Glensanda and the seals on the Grey Rocks. The weather cleared up as it usually does in Tobermory with sunshine by early afternoon. The crew were treated to a wonderful lunch at Cafe Fish by the Guests. (Thank you very much), and after a great lunch they headed back down the Sound. It was a smooth run with the following sea and once in the shelter of Lismore, they spotted more seals on the Greggs and near Eriska. 

At 1700, Cameron and crew had to head down to Croabh to transfer a party to Jura. On the way to Croabh they encountered some swell at Insh Island but soon seeked shelter through Easdale and Cuan sound. Just before coming to Croabh they spotted 3 Bottlenosed dolphins playing near Shuna. There were some big squalls passing through but once all 8 passengers and a tonne of gear was onboard they headed off to Jura. Rannochmor handled the seas very well and maintained 23 knots all the way across. Once at anchor we unloaded the passengers with the tender. As they were unloaded a Sea Eagle was spotted flying above the bay, a great sight. The run home was exciting with a really big swell running at Insh, pushing the team back to Loch Feochan just before darkness.

"There is no such thing as bad weather, just a poor choice of clothes and a bad attitude". Mr Fletcher (a passenger’s quote on the way to Jura)