Celebs aboard Coastal Connection

Monday the 5th saw the Coastal Connection team take 5 celebrities out on the boats. They were filming a sea bird programme that will be shown on Sky 1 in January. Headed by funny man Bill Bailey, there are two teams that Bill sets challenges for. On the Blue team is Jeff Green and Jayne Middlemiss; Cameron took them out and saw many different species of birds from a Sea Eagle to a Gannet. Struan had Alex Zane and Donal MacIntyre in the other boat. They also saw lots of birds and seals and even managed to catch a 40 gannet feeding frenzy on camera.

It was great for the team to meet the Celebs and everyone agreed they were really good banter. The weather was great in the morning but it did get a bit damp later on in the day.

The film crew were delighted with the footage. They remarked that the boats were ideal for filming due to having good access around the boat and being so stable in a choppy sea.