Clement's day out

Clement booked both boats for a full day out. The weather on the 10th was perfect for a round Mull voyage. There were 20 passengers onboard and they were all set for a great day. We headed off for Iona and on the way we spotted an adult Minke whale near the Torran rocks. An hour ashore allowed the passengers to visit the Abbey and refresh wioth a couple of drinks. Once we left Iona we headed for Fingals cave, on the way we spotted a basking shark. Both boats got close into the cave and a close look at the rock formation. 15 minutes later we where at the stac on Lunga looking at the puffins and the other bird life. A short trip across to Coll gave the team a chance to get lunch and have some more refreshments. Once fed and watered it was off to Tobermory for dinner in the Mishnish. Great food was supplied by Mr Mcleod. The wind had dropped and the sun was starting to set as we went down the sound of Mull. It was a great day with lots of wildlife spotted and everyone had a merry trip.