Puffin Island

We left Oban at 0730 with 10 photographers onboard. They were a group with Philip Price (Loch Visions) wanting to get really close up photos of birds. The best place for this was the island of Lunga in the Treshnish isles. There was a bit of Mist until we got into the Sound of Mull. We had a stop in Tobermory for the toilet and a snack. Only 50 mins form Tobermory we landed on Lunga. The bird life there is jam packed. You can get up to 2 metres away from a puffin. The group stayed for 6 hours on the island allowing them to get the perfect photo. The weather turned hot and a wee bit of wind form the south to cool off. At 1600 we headed back round to Tobermroy and then down to Oban. It was great charter and some great photos were taken.