Seaplane Connection

Today Struan left Jura early (0545) as he was not needed anymore and headed to Tobermory. The wether was great - flat calm sea and no wind. He was in Tobermory at 0805 and had enough time to wash the boat down before collecting passengers from the Calmac Pier. The group of six had a holiday booked to Majorca and were getting the Seaplane to Glasgow, then a taxi and an aeroplane to Majorca. ETA was 1830 in Majorca so there was not much time to hang around. Sea conditions were still great so a smooth quick run was experienced. Our passengers were dropped off on the pontoon, where the seaplane was berthed with time to spare.
Struan was off back to base (Loch Feochan) to fuel up and clean the boat ready for the next charter of the weekend.