Treshnish Isles

Tuesday saw Power of Scotland circumnavigate Mull. The sun was shinning and there was still a fresh breeze from the North. When they where heading over to the Sound of Mull there was a wee sighting of a Sea Eagle but it soon flew off. Tobermory was their first stop to pick up a picnic. A quick run from Tobermory to the Treshnish was flat calm with a great sighting of a Minkie whale off Calgary bay. The flat sea and the bright sun gave a fantastic view of the whale. Once on the Treshnish the bird life was jam packed with puffins, shags, razor bills, fulmars and many more. An ideal place for a picnic.
After a late lunch Cameron hauled in the anchor and then headed down to Fingal’s Cave. They managed to get very close due to the shelter from the wind in the cave. From Staffa they cruised down through the Sound of Iona and past the Torran rocks. It was a smooth run all the way back to Oban.

It was great to see the first Minkie of the year. Many more to come hopefully.