N 56,30 W 007, 30

Yesterday, Struan and Peter took a very expensive piece of equipment, from the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) at Dunstaffnage, to North 56, 30 West 007, 30 which is 18 miles West of Tiree. The reason being, out there the depth is over 100 meters deep. Once there we did some tests and placed the glider into the water. Whilst in the water it recieved a signal from SAMS and sank down into the sea. The glider is controlled by a computer in SAMS and can take samples of water at different depths. This one can go down to 1000 meters! It is now on its way to Rockall and hopefully it will come back in a few months time.
SAMS contacted us because they needed to get the glider out to sea quickly and wanted a solid boat that wouldn’t bounce about, the glider is very expensive and fairly fragile out of the water.
The weather was good to us and we had a good run both there and back with only a big swell off Tiree.